Book Projects

We are currently working on two book projects. If you are interested in contributing a chapter to our edited books in the future, please contact us via

Below are the edited volumes we have published.

Critical Issues in Cambodian Education: Insights from Youth

Edited by Kimkong Heng, Koemhong Sol, Chan Hum, Samnang Yen,
and Sovanncharya Ren

Heng, K., Sol, K., Hum, C., Yen, S., & Ren, S. (Eds.). (2022). Critical issues in Cambodian education: Insights from youth. Cambodian Education Forum.

Online Learning During COVID-19 and Key Issues in Education

Edited by Kimkong Heng, Sopheap Kaing, Dara Kao, Makara Muong, Bunhorn Doeur, and Tithchanbunnamy Lor

Heng, K., Kaing, S., Kao, D., Muong, M., Doeur, B., & Lor, T. (Eds.). (2021). Online learning during COVID-19 and key issues in education. Cambodian Education Forum.

Cambodian Youth’s Perspectives and Reflections on Contemporary Educational Issues and the Role of Education

Edited by Koemhong Sol, Kimkong Heng, Sopheap Kaing, and Vutha Ros

Sol, K., Heng, K., Kaing, S., & Ros, V. (Eds.). (2021). Cambodian youth’s perspectives and reflections on contemporary educational issues and the role of education. Cambodian Education Forum.

English Language Teaching, Education, and Online Learning in Cambodia During COVID-19: Perspectives from Practitioners and Researchers

Edited by Kimkong Heng, Sopheap Kaing, Vutha Ros, and Koemhong Sol

Heng, K., Kaing, S., Ros, V., & Sol, K. (Eds.). (2020). English language teaching, education, and online learning in Cambodia during COVID-19: Perspectives from practitioners and researchers. Cambodian Education Forum.