Book Projects

We are currently working on two book projects. If you are interested in contributing a chapter to our edited books in the future, please contact us via

Below are the edited volumes we have published.

Book 5

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Book 4

Critical Issues in Cambodian Education: Insights from Youth

Edited by Kimkong Heng, Koemhong Sol, Chan Hum, Samnang Yen,
and Sovanncharya Ren

Heng, K., Sol, K., Hum, C., Yen, S., & Ren, S. (Eds.). (2022). Critical issues in Cambodian education: Insights from youth. Cambodian Education Forum.

Book 3

Online Learning During COVID-19 and Key Issues in Education

Edited by Kimkong Heng, Sopheap Kaing, Dara Kao, Makara Muong, Bunhorn Doeur, and Tithchanbunnamy Lor

Heng, K., Kaing, S., Kao, D., Muong, M., Doeur, B., & Lor, T. (Eds.). (2021). Online learning during COVID-19 and key issues in education. Cambodian Education Forum.

Book 2

Cambodian Youth’s Perspectives and Reflections on Contemporary Educational Issues and the Role of Education

Edited by Koemhong Sol, Kimkong Heng, Sopheap Kaing, and Vutha Ros

Sol, K., Heng, K., Kaing, S., & Ros, V. (Eds.). (2021). Cambodian youth’s perspectives and reflections on contemporary educational issues and the role of education. Cambodian Education Forum.


Introduction: The need to promote a strong research and publication culture in Cambodia
Kimkong Heng, Koemhong Sol, Sopheap Kaing, and Vutha


1. Challenges and Opportunities of Online Learning in Cambodia during COVID-19
Phearun Chhoeurm

2. Will E-Learning Replace Face-to-Face Learning?                              
Rathana Phin

3. Facebook: A Useful Educational Tool          
Socheata Ly

4. Cyberbullying in Higher Education in the Digital Age
Phearun Chhoeurm 

5. Skills Needed for Cambodia to Thrive in Industry 4.0
Kanika Nhil

6. Cambodia Needs to Embrace and Invest in Bilingual Education       
Rathana Phin

7. Factors to Consider When Choosing University Majors                       
Socheata Ly

8. Why Should Students Study an International Relations Major?        
Sokvy Rim

9. Why Failing to Prepare Means Preparing to Fail      
Mealeatey Meak

10. Why University Students Should Not Rely on One-Night Policy     
Socheata Ly

11. Mental Health: Why Does It Matter?                                                       
Mealeatey Meak

12. Tips to Improve English Speaking Skills                                               
Sothavotey Nhim

13. Five Useful Tips for Exam Success                               
Socheata Ly


14. Why is Early Childhood Education Important for Cambodia?          
 Kanika Nhil

15. The Role of Buddhist Pagodas in Supporting Education in Cambodian Society  
Sokvy Rim

16. The Importance of Sex Education for Cambodian Students               
Mealeatey Meak

17. The Significance of Higher Education for Cambodian Students       
Phearun Chhoeurm

18. Why is Education the Key to Cambodia’s Future?                          
Sokvy Rim


Conclusion: The Role of Mentorship Programs in Supporting Young Writers                               
Kimkong Heng, Koemhong Sol, Sopheap Kaing, and Vutha Ros

Book 1

English Language Teaching, Education, and Online Learning in Cambodia During COVID-19: Perspectives from Practitioners and Researchers

Edited by Kimkong Heng, Sopheap Kaing, Vutha Ros, and Koemhong Sol

Heng, K., Kaing, S., Ros, V., & Sol, K. (Eds.). (2020). English language teaching, education, and online learning in Cambodia during COVID-19: Perspectives from practitioners and researchers. Cambodian Education Forum.


1. Introduction: The need to promote a strong research and publication culture in Cambodia
Kimkong Heng, Koemhong Sol, Sopheap Kaing, and Vutha Ros

Part I:  English Language Teaching and Language Policy

2. Effective English vocabulary learning strategies: A research summary
Kimkong Heng

3. Some suggestions on how to teach English vocabulary effectively
Kimkong Heng

4. Culture: The hidden truth in English language teaching
Davut Nhem

5. Cambodia’s Language-in-Education Policy: Too many recipes, but not enough ingredients
Chan Hum

6. Embracing English while preserving Khmer identity 
Kimkong Heng

Part II:  Online Learning in Cambodia during COVID-19  

7. COVID-19: A silver lining in the crisis for Cambodia’s education sector 
Kimkong Heng

8. COVID-19: A catalyst for Cambodian higher education to adopt hybrid teaching and
Sopheap Kaing

9. Online learning during COVID-19: Challenges and opportunities
Sokna Sun

10. The role of ICT in sustaining online education during COVID-19
Seangmeng Sarik

11. Self-directed learning:  The way forward for education after the COVID-19 crisis    
Piseth Neak

12. COVID-19 and online learning: Challenges facing Cambodian students
Kakada Uon

13. Rural primary education in Cambodia during the pandemic: Challenges and
Sokna Sun

14. What is needed to implement hybrid teaching and learning in Cambodian higher
Sopheap Kaing

15. Cambodia needs to increase investment in online education 
Sokna Sun

Part III:  School Leadership and Education Reform 

16. Understanding the significance of instructional leadership and school principals’ roles and
Rathana Ly

17. New Generation Schools in Cambodia: Aim and focus     
Khorry No

18. What is Learning Management System (LMS)?   
Sary Mam

Part IV:  Curriculum, Assessment, and Research  

19. Curriculum, curriculum types, and curriculum management: An academic reflection with a
personal conviction
Meassnguon Saint

20. Formative assessment: Using feedback to improve student learning
Koemhong Sol

21. School-based intervention strategies for children with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity
Koemhong Sol

22. Factors influencing academics’ research engagement and productivity: A comprehensive
Kimkong Heng


23. Conclusion: Key challenges in working with novice Cambodian writers and researchers  
Kimkong Heng, Koemhong Sol, Sopheap Kaing, and Vutha Ros