Critical Issues in Cambodian Education: Insights from Youth

Edited by Kimkong Heng, Koemhong Sol, Chan Hum, Samnang Yen,
and Sovanncharya Ren

Heng, K., Sol, K., Hum, C., Yen, S., & Ren, S. (Eds.). (2022). Critical issues in Cambodian education: Insights from youth. Cambodian Education Forum.



Table of Contents 

List of Figures and Tables

Notes on Contributors 

Notes on Cambodian Education Forum

1. The Role of Youth and the Importance of Their Perspectives
Kimkong Heng and Koemhong Sol

Part 1: Research and Education Systems

2. The Importance of Promoting Research for the Future of Cambodia
Liseinet Din

3. The Education Systems in Cambodia and Thailand: A Comparative Perspective
Phanna Kov

4. New Generation Schools in Cambodia: Issues and Recommendations
Sivly Houy

Part 2: Key Issues in Cambodian Education

5. So Close, Yet So Far: Narrowing the Geographical Gap in Cambodian Education
Chhayheng Soth

6. Cambodian Women in Higher Education: Progress and Challenges
Sreypich Lay

7. School Bullying: Causes, Effects, and Solutions
Pech Monyleap Neang

8. Corruption in Education: Causes, Impacts, and Solutions
Thavrith Sara

9. Sexuality Education: Effectiveness, Barriers, and Recommendations
Sreypich Lay and Pech Monyleap Neang

10. How Can Cambodian Youth Prepare for Industry 4.0?
Vicheka Mon

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