CJER | Volume 1, Issue 1

Cambodian Journal of Educational Research

Volume 1, Issue 1
September 2021


The launching of the Cambodian Journal of Educational Research

Kimkong Heng
Pages: 1-2


Online learning during COVID-19: Key challenges and suggestions to enhance effectiveness

Kimkong Heng and Koemhong Sol
Pages: 3-16
Online collaborative writing through Wikis and Google Docs

Cedy Vutha
Pages: 17-21
Autonomous learning: An essential skill for learners in the new normal

Sothearak Sok
Pages: 22-24
Key features of effective professional development

Sokphan Phun
Pages: 25-30
Factors influencing English pronunciation learning and suggestions for pronunciation teaching

Sokphal Seom
Pages: 31-41
Cambodia and Australia’s policies on higher education: Can they meet the needs of future generations?

Kimkong Heng
Pages: 42-51
Outcome-based education in response to higher education reforms in Cambodia

Meassnguon Saint
Pages: 52-59
The need to promote mental health awareness among Cambodian university students

Phearun Chhoeurm
Pages: 60-68
The role of parental and community participation in education amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Piseth Neak
Pages: 69-72
Distributed leadership in schools: A brief review of the literature

Koemhong Sol
Pages: 73-80
STEAM education and its significance

Kanika Nhil
Pages: 81-86