CJER | Volume 2, Issue 2

Cambodian Journal of Educational Research

Volume 2, Issue 2
December 2022


Research development in Cambodia: Key challenges and recommendations

Kimkong Heng and Koemhong Sol
Pages: 114


Cambodian EFL university students’ perceptions of online learning effectiveness during the COVID-19 pandemic: A survey study

Sereyrath Em, Sophea Phann, and Somphors Khan
Pages: 15-34
Cambodian students’ and teachers’ perceptions of inquiry-based learning applied in physics classrooms at an upper-secondary level

Sereynivorth Mel
Pages: 35-62
Private tutoring and traditional classes: A comparison of students’ learning achievements in chemistry

Somphors Khan and Sereyrath Em
Pages: 63-79
Understanding epistemology and its key approaches in research

Koemhong Sol and Kimkong Heng
Pages: 80-99
My personal philosophy of education and its practices

Sophal Kao
Pages: 100-115


Promoting higher education reforms in Cambodia: Challenges and the way forward

Bunhorn Doeur
Pages: 116-128