Online Learning During COVID-19 and Key Issues in Education

Edited by Kimkong Heng, Sopheap Kaing, Dara Kao, Makara Muong, Bunhorn Doeur, and Tithchanbunnamy Lor

Published in 2021 by Cambodian Education Forum



Table of Contents 

Notes on Contributors 

Notes on Cambodian Education Forum  

1.  The Need to Support Novice Cambodian Writers to Write for Publication in English 
Kimkong Heng

Part 1:  Online Learning During COVID-19 

2.  Online Learning Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Blessing in Disguise for Cambodia’s Higher Education 
 Sethi Cheam

3.  The Impacts of COVID-19 on Primary School Children in Cambodia 
 Makara Muong

4.  COVID-19 and Cambodian Higher Education: Challenges and Opportunities
 Kimkong Heng and Koemhong Sol

5.  Why Online Learning Is the Future of Education 
 Seavmey Meng

Part 2:  Technology and Teaching Strategies in ELT 

6.  The Role of Digital Technology in English Major Programs in Cambodia 
 Bunhorn Doeur

7.  The Effectiveness of the Gallery Walk Technique in EFL Speaking Classes 
 Sak Yeourng

Part 3:  Key Issues in Education

8.  Critical Thinking: An Essential-Yet-Missing Skill Among Cambodian Students 
 Chhengleang Sok

9.  The Importance of Reading for Pleasure for Cambodian Students 
 Kimputhevitheavy Vonn

10.  Parental Involvement in Children’s Education: Benefits, Challenges, and Ways Forward 
Thavrith Sara

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