Promoting Educational Research and Publication in Cambodia: Challenges and Achievements of the Cambodian Education Forum

Kimkong Heng
Sopheap Kaing
Koemhong Sol

Cambodian Education Forum
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Three of the core team members of the Cambodian Education Forum (CEF), including Mr. Kimkong Heng (co-founder and chief editor), Mr. Sopheap Kaing (co-founder and managing editor), and Mr. Koemhong Sol (co-chief editor), have presented a paper at the 18th CamTESOL Conference on 20 February 2022. The presentation focused on the role of CEF in promoting educational research and peer-reviewed publication in Cambodia. Major achievements, challenges, and future plans of CEF were also discussed.

You may download the slide presentation in the following link.

You may also read an article related to this presentation HERE.

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