Cambodian Education Forum

Cambodian Education Forum (CEF) is co-founded by a group of three emerging Cambodian scholars who aspire to promote education research and publication in Cambodia. The common vision is to provide platforms for Cambodian researchers, educators, teachers, students and administrators, especially novice and emerging writers, to express their views and share their perspectives and understanding on topics relevant to education in Cambodia and beyond.

We strongly believe that Cambodian students, teachers and researchers have a wealth of knowledge and perspectives to share to shape understanding, beliefs and attitudes regarding education-related issues confronting Cambodia and other countries in the region and the world.

Although our focus is on education in Cambodia, we welcome and publish unsolicited opinion articles and insights on educational issues facing countries in the region and beyond.

Our main aims are as follows:

  1. To provide a publication platform for Cambodian researchers, educators and students
  2. To share knowledge and informed opinions about education in Cambodia
  3. To support Cambodian novice writers to publish through peer review, mentorship and editorial processes
  4. To publish essays, opinion pieces and short articles about education in Cambodia and beyond
  5. To offer insights from education experts through interviews, discussion and publication
  6. To share education-related resources to students, teachers, academics and researchers
  7. To promote Cambodian image in the regional and international arena

We believe each Cambodian has a vital role to play to shape and improve Cambodian society and raise its image in the global stage.

We start small, aim big and aspire to create a real impact.

Kimkong Heng, Sopheap Kaing & Vutha Ros
Co-founders & Co-editors
Cambodian Education Forum

All correspondence should be sent to the editors at

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