The vision of the Cambodian Education Forum

Author: Editorial Board, CEF

Cambodian Education Forum (CEF) is a forum for education. It aims to provide a virtual platform for learners, educators, researchers, administrators, government officials, NGOs staff and others to share scientific knowledge, understanding and informed critical opinions on current issues, solutions and policy recommendations to improve quality of education, teaching and learning in Cambodia. Although our focus in on education in Cambodia, we welcome and publish informed opinions and insights on educational issues facing countries in the region and beyond.

Cambodian Education Forum aims to serve as a platform that narrow the gap between policymakers, academic researchers, teachers and students. The goal is bring all stakeholders together to share knowledge, understanding, perspective and research findings to promote an understanding of key educational issues shaping the education landscape in Cambodia and beyond.

Cambodian Education Forum is currently seeking funding, sponsors, donors, and volunteers to maintain and sustain this platform to offer common benefits to diverse users such as learners, teachers, educators and researchers.  Our emphasis is on Cambodians, but the impact may go beyond the Cambodian context.

Cambodian Education Forum is still under development, but the vision behind this new initiative is ambitious and inclusive. We seek to promote research and publication in Cambodia, particularly those conducted by Cambodians.

In the initial stage, CEF is planning to engage in the following activities:

  1. To provide a publication platform for Cambodian researchers, educators and students
  2. To share knowledge and informed opinions about education in Cambodia
  3. To support Cambodian novice writers to publish through peer review, mentorship and editorial processes
  4. To publish essays, opinion pieces and short articles about education in Cambodia and beyond
  5. To offer insights from education experts through interviews, discussion and publication
  6. To share education-related resources to students, teachers, academics and researchers
  7. To promote Cambodian image in the regional and international arena

We start as a small team, aim high and aspire to make a positive impact on the education sector and the research and publication culture in Cambodia.

Our vision is grounded in genuine commitment, collaboration, positivity, inclusiveness, sustainability and hard work.

We believe each Cambodian as a vital role to play to shape and improve Cambodian society and raise its image in the global stage.

The CEF Editorial Board comprises of three co-founders of Cambodian Education Forum. Each co-founder is respectively a doctoral candidate in education at the University of Fribourg (Switzerland), the University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong SAR) and the University of Queensland (Australia).