Cambodian Journal of Educational Research (Volume 2, Issue 1)

Cambodian Journal of Educational Research

Volume 2, Issue 1
July 2022


The Cambodian Education Forum at two years old: Keeping the momentum going

Koemhong Sol and Kimkong Heng
Pages: 1-7


A path towards “international standards” for the Cambodian academic system?

Murat Yildizoglu
Pages: 8-36
Cambodia’s gender policy: An analysis of women and girls’ education strategies under the Neary Rattanak IV Strategic Plan (2014-2018)

Molika Heng
Pages: 37-61
Challenges of English language learning and teaching in Cambodia: A case study of Kith Meng Brasat High School

Sereyrath Em
Pages: 62-80
Making learning styles and destinations visible: Using dashboards to support secondary education

Nathan Polley and Russell Mills
Pages: 81-103
Enhancing students’ motivation in foreign language learning

Panharith Nat
Pages: 104-118
Promoting teachers’ continuous professional development in Cambodian higher education: Issues and recommendations

Bunhorn Doeur
Pages: 119-134


English proficiency: Key to educational opportunities for Cambodian students

Kimcheng Ngel
Pages: 135-145
Digital transformation in higher education: Key to enhancing Cambodia’s higher education sector

Kimkong Heng and Bunhorn Doeur
Pages: 146-156
Motivating Cambodian high school students to pursue higher education in science and health science majors: Issues and suggestions

Virak Sorn and Monirath Suon
Pages: 157-166

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